Dogs Can Detect COVID-19, Says New Study


Dogs Can Detect COVID-19, Says New Study

Many people are unsure how the world will reopen once the pandemic is over; the issue is that vaccines do not last long, and reopening the borders for tourism and business could be difficult if people do not keep up to date with vaccines.

Additionally, passengers being forced to undergo quarantines every time they travel to a new location would be inconvenient and could be a deterrent.

Maybe dogs are the solution. According to a recent study, people infected with COVID-19 emit a distinct odor that properly trained dogs can detect in under a second. This means that these dogs could be used in places like airports to detect people who emit that odor.

This could help ease travel restrictions by allowing you to leave if the dog smells nothing on you, but if the dog suspects you have something, you could be given a PCR test for confirmation and possibly placed under quarantine. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about it; it was revealed in 2020 that dogs were being trained for this purpose. Finland, for example, has put it to the test at their airports.

It remains to be seen whether this will become the new norm, but it is a possibility. Meanwhile, the Singapore government recently approved a breath test that can detect COVID-19, which could be an alternative method of screening people entering the country.