Division of Health says no one could gain access to old meat dumped in viral video

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Division of Health says no one could gain access to old meat dumped in viral video

Following the circulation of a video of chicken parts being disposed of at a landfill site in Tobago, the Division of Health, Wellness and Social Protection (DHWSP) has assured that the poultry was passed its expiration date and it was safely dumped.

They said no food safety rules were broken when the chicken was dumped by the Tobago Agribusiness Development Company (TADCO).

The Division noted that an exercise was conducted at a warehouse on TADCO’s compound last Friday (February 2) to remove and properly dispose of meat stored onsite by other companies. Checks revealed that the poultry was past its expiry date.

The Division said the exercise was in accordance with required food safety standards, and commended TADCO for sticking to established procedure.

The Division said TADCO communicated with the companies responsible for the expired meat, then contacted Public Health to assist with the disposal.

They urged other suppliers to ensure that they, too, follow the necessary HACCP food safety practices.

The Division assured that all precautions were taken to ensure that the items were properly and securely disposed.

The Division said no one could gain access to the old meat for resale.

It issued general guidance to the public about cooked and raw food, noting that these should only be purchased from known sources, suppliers and vendors who follow safe food practices.

For questions, to express concerns or report a food safety or hygiene issue, contact the Division’s Public Health Services Department at 639-1433.


(video courtesy Uncutt News Media)