Culture Minister hands instruments of appointments to NAPA and SAPA boards

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Culture Minister hands instruments of appointments to NAPA and SAPA boards

New boards have been installed at the National Academy for the performing Arts (NAPA) and the Southern Academy of the Performing Arts (SAPA).

Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Randall Mitchell handed out instruments of appointment to the boards of NAPA and SAPA.

The Board of Directors of SAPA will be chaired by Mr. David Sammy and the other appointed members are Ms. Leah Balkaran (Deputy Chairman), Ms. Cherisse Mahabir, Mr. Victor Randolph Edwards, Mr. Keonne K. James, Mr. Kirven Henry, Mr. Reaaz A. Dabiedeen, Mr. Peter Lockhart, Ms. Sharon Baboolal, Ms. Rowena Wattley and Mrs. Shervette Mc Sween-Julien.

The Board of Directors of NAPA will be chaired by Mr. Olson Oliver. Other members of the Board include Ms. Yokymma Bethelemy (Deputy Chairman), Ms. Arlene Belgrove, Ms. Ayana Blackman, Mrs. Catherine Dookie-Da Silva, Ms. Sarah Ramsingh, Ms. Alana C. Morton, Mr. Keon Gonzales, Ms. Anna-Lee Boodhu, Ms. Reeyah Chattergoon and Mr. Shivanan Deopersad.

The new Boards have been appointed for a period of three (3) years.

According to a release from the Ministry, Minister Mitchell thanked the members of the Boards for accepting the call to assist in the further development of the Performing Arts sector.

He told the members, “SAPA and NAPA continue to be the flagship Performing Arts centers in Trinidad and Tobago. Certainly, they are the two best Performing Arts centers in the Caribbean. We have a role to play where the Performing Arts are concerned and we need to always ensure that our performing arts’ population has an outlet where they can perform and, of course, show the international community what we have here and what the culture of Trinidad and Tobago means to us.”