Court ordered China Jiangsu to pay HDC $30M in damages

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Court ordered China Jiangsu to pay HDC $30M in damages

In 2003 China Jiangsu was awarded a contract of $67.62 million by UDECOTT to construct 297 apartments along Lady Young Road.

The housing project kicked off in 2004.

Hpwever when UDECOTT refocused on non-residential development, that contract was transferred to the HDC in 2006.

Work done on structural damage to building blocks ‘H’ and ‘I’ of the project started in 2008 and ended in 2010.

This as land slippage damaged the structure of the blocks – which cost close to $27M to construct.

The structure was eventually demolished in 2012 at a further cost of $3.3 million.

Before the Las Alturas deal, China Jiangsu had constructed another five housing projects for the HDC.

A Guardian report states that the recent judgment comes more than seven years after the Housing Development Corporation filed a claim for damages for breach of contract and negligence concerning the construction of apartment and townhouse units located at Stephenville Road, Morvant.