CoP calls murder outside Belmont Police post a “desperate brazen attack”

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CoP calls murder outside Belmont Police post a “desperate brazen attack”

“Wholly unacceptable” and a “desperate brazen attack.”

These were some of the words Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher used to describe the murder of a suspect outside the Belmont Police Station on Monday evening, just minutes after he was released from custody.

The 28-year-old man was gunned down seconds after being released from police custody at 6 pm on Monday.

He was arrested last Friday and questioned as part of a probe into the murder of Darryl Boucaud, 36, in St Ann’s last week.

In a voice note yesterday, Police Commissioner Harewood-Christopher described Moses’ murder as a “desperate and brazen” attack.

She also promised that the police would continue to work towards better securing communities from criminals.

“The police views such conduct as wholly unacceptable and vows to continue to confront and apprehend criminal elements wherever we find them in the interest of ensuring the safety and security of every citizen,” she said.

The TTPS public information unit said that senior officers were concerned about how close the murder happened to the police station but vowed to review security measures at stations.

“It must be noted that quite a number of persons may have been aware including his affiliates, of efforts to have him released from custody. It must also be noted that he was detained as a result of an ongoing homicide investigation. These investigations could involve any number of persons,” it said.

The TTPS added that officers had a responsibility to ensure the safety of people under their care and took their duties seriously.

It also said investigations into the offences for which Moses was held will continue.