Child dies trapped in house fire

Child dies trapped in house fire

A three year old child lost his life today as he was trapped on his bed while his home was engulfed in flames.

According to fire officials on the scene they responded to a call at River Road off Dibe Road, Long Circular, just after 5am; upon reaching the vicinity fire attendants could not get to the house due to several cars parked on the road blocking the entrance leading to the house.

Officials at the location indicated that the child was trapped on his bed when the fire began.

The child identified as Akuaelni Alleyne was eventually found charred on the bed.

The child’s father received 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns about his body and is currently at the Port-of-Spain General hospital receiving medical treatment.

Fire officials are also pleading with citizens not to park on the roadway blocking entrance to your home or nearby walkways as to prevent emergency officials from entering.