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Cabinet approves 300 new buses for PTSC

Work and transport Minister Rohan Sinannan in an exclusive interview with IzzSO Media said that an effective public transportation system is the only hope to alleviate the traffic gridlock experienced in Trinidad & Tobago on a daily basis.

Minister Rohan Sinanan

The Minister highlighted the over 800,000 vehicles in Trinidad & Tobago and a limited road network.

He said because of this cabinet has approved the purchase of 300 new buses for PTSC to move to being the transportation solution in the country. He said that PTSC must provide better customer services, effective fleet management system, modernisation of the PTSC hubs and a general culture that underscores reliability and dependability. Presently PTSC has about 250 buses in use and the Minister also said that 90 percent of these are past their ten year benchmark for optimal use. Presently also PTSC is down to almost half of its required routes.

He also said that because there are as many as 24 different types of buses bought by the Corporation over the years which makes for a significant challenge to obtain parts and service so many different models.

Minister Sinanan also said a Request for Proposal for suppliers of these buses included the mandatory requirement for a maintenance plan for the vehicles and also an effective plan to maximise the operation to fully supply the needs of the travelling public.
Presently PTSC moves approximately 50,000 person daily in Trinidad & Tobago.