Chaguanas Chamber head says criminals turning to social media

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Chaguanas Chamber head says criminals turning to social media

Head of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCIC) Baldath Maharaj has expressed concerns that too many people are becoming victims because of social media transactions.

Already bothered by the increasing presence of criminals in and around the Chaguanas area, Maharaj said recent murders in the borough had signalled to residents that there is very little fear of the law by criminals.

Maharaj, speaking at the launch of the Better Business TT initiative at the Signature Hall, Montrose, Chaguanas, said the authorities continue to say publicly that crime is reducing in the borough but this is not the reality for burgesses.

“We at the Chaguanas Chamber are not sure how the measurement is being done because residents continue to live in fear for their personal safety.

“We again make a call to the Commissioner of Police to increase surveillance, more so with the use of technology, to provide residents with the necessary comfort to continue their business activity,” Maharaj said.

“If SMEs are to flourish … crime has to reduce significantly … The Chamber again wishes to make a call to be part of the crime talks in order to give an unbiased view and solution.”

Maharaj added: “We continue to hear horror stories from victims who were defrauded of their hard-earned cash, and encountered physical injury, and even death.”

“There were also numerous reports of individuals being robbed and injured physically when responding to items for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Whilst useful information is provided on this platform, no screening is done, and fake profiles appear at times on that platform. Better business reduces such associated risks,” he said.