Businessman calls for street vending in Sando to be regulated

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Businessman calls for street vending in Sando to be regulated

President of the Greater San Fernando Area Chamber of Commerce Kiran Singh has called for street vending to be regulated and a proper place allocated for the vendors.

His call comes as vendors await a decision by Mayor Robert Parris on whether they will be allowed to sell their goods in the city’s main shopping area this Christmas season.

Singh said the current arrangement is two cots for each vendor, but some have doubled and tripled that amount, causing congestion and affecting businesses.

“It becomes unfair to the business community when they block the store entrances. They block the pavement, and pedestrians who want to enter a business place are unable to do so. We have no concern with the vending, but when they interrupt business … we don’t interrupt the vendors from plying their own trade,” Singh said.

He also pointed out that with the vendors occupying the left side of the road and taxi stands on the right side, delivery trucks sometimes have to park in the middle of the road to drop off goods, adding to congestion.

Singh also called for army and police patrols, particularly with Christmas approaching.