Cardi B denies Offset relationship drama was a stunt to promote new single

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Cardi B denies Offset relationship drama was a stunt to promote new single

Cardi B has denied that her and Offset‘s recent relationship drama was fabricated to promote their forthcoming collaboration.

Cardi will be joining her husband on his new single “JEALOUSY,” which drops on Friday (July 28). Offset laughed off any “drama” between him and his wife during a promotional teaser for the song that dropped earlier this week, in which he spoofed James Brown while fielding questions from actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who played a TV journalist.

In the wake of the teaser, fans took to social media to theorize that all the reported issues between the married couple may have just been for show, but Cardi clarified on Wednesday (July 26) that wasn’t the case.

“It wasn’t no STUNT,” she said in response to a critic on Instagram. “Tasha K made some ish up and yall was laughing about it and happy ass hell about it. Now that we putting it in the music is a stunt … Naaa baby be mad at the one who started trolling wit it.”

Cardi followed up on Twitter, adding: “THEY COOCHIE WAS SO WET WHEN THE LIE WAS GOING AROUND NOW it’s a different narrative when we put it in the music ….OOOO IM POPPIN IT ON THIS SONG !!!!”

Cardi B was referring to her lawsuit against controversial blogger Tasha K, which she filed back in 2019 following what she believed was a malicious smear campaign involving several false statements about her.

Tasha claimed Cardi had herpes, used a beer bottle as a sex toy when she was an exotic dancer, worked as a prostitute and abused cocaine. She later accused Offset of cheating on Bardi.

In turn, the Bronx-bred rapper was awarded more than $2.5 million in damages and another $1.3 million in legal fees incurred by the rapper when a jury sided with her last January. Tasha K was then forced to declare bankruptcy through a Chapter 11 filing.

However, Offset’s teaser did drop after Cardi B made some bold claims during a Twitter Spaces conversation back in June, saying she would happily divorce her husband if he ever got out of line.

“I don’t be outside like that, so when I do be outside, these ballplayers, these rappers, and these dudes — they see me,” she said. “And their voices start trembling. They be nervous! Because I’m a bad bitch! You don’t got that — I got that.”

She continued: “So every time you try to bring turmoil to my marriage, I’m just saying, y’all know what’s gonna happen next. We’re gonna get a divorce, and people are gonna be mad nosey, and mad happy.

“I’m gonna make an album, and people are gonna wanna hear the album because of it. Another rich n-gga’s gonna cuff me. And what? What’ll be the point that y’all are tryna make?”

Offset later seemed to respond directly to Cardi B’s comments, first tweeting three laughing face emojis, then writing: “Fly like a bird.”

The “Clout” hitmaker had previously delayed his new solo album following the death of TakeOff last November. The project will serve as the follow-up to his 2019 debut Father of 4.