Capital city without water supply for days – DOMA not happy

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Capital city without water supply for days – DOMA not happy

It’s been days without water in the capital of Port of Spain and the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) is highlighting the issue, as it represents three continuous days without supply.

According to WASA a 48” main emanating from the Caroni treatment plant is broken and still under repair. The repairs are taking longer than anticipated.

DOMA said supply has been interrupted from Caroni to the El Socorro pumping station . Therefore a wide cross section of areas between Caroni and San Juan and San Juan and Port of Spain are without any supply.

“We further advise that business operators, particularly food operators should immediately begin to request truck borne supply from WASA since we have been reliably informed that private water contractors are unable to meet the current demand for supply and are projecting between a 24-48 hour delay after requests are made for purchase of water by private tanker,” DOMA said.

It said once the repair is completed, it could take up to 12 to 24 hours for the system to be “charged” with enough pressure for supply to resume.

“Finally, we have also been informed that WASA is giving priority to government offices and hospitals for their tankers and we shall engage WASA to request that consideration be given to food outlets for priority as well,” it said.