Buses to return to 50 percent capacity

Buses to return to 50 percent capacity

Effective today, Monday 17 August, 2020 and for the next twenty-eight (28) days, all public transport buses will be operating at 50 % passenger capacity until further notice.

This follows government’s latest COVID-19 restrictions on public transportation and other sectors, given the current rate of infection.

The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC), in a release on Sunday, said passengers can expect to be seated at least two rows behind drivers. These rows have been cordoned off and tickets will be torn by passengers themselves and disposed of in bins provided.

The PTSC said all buses will be fully sanitised before and after each trip and this involves cleaning high-touch areas such as stop buttons, handrails and grab straps.

Other cleaning arrangements include making available adequate sanitiser dispensers for people boarding buses at terminals.

Commuters must maintain physical distancing on PTSC compounds and as they line up to board the bus. Wearing masks is mandatory on all buses and all commuters are to either wear a mask or other cloth material that covers their nose and mouth.

Passengers with flu-like symptoms are discouraged from using the service.