BIGWU takes offence to allegations linking bank workers to spate of robberies

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BIGWU takes offence to allegations linking bank workers to spate of robberies

The Banking, Insurance, and General Workers’ Union (BIGWU) is very concerned about allegations being levied against bank employees and their possible collusion with criminal entities in order to rob citizens after money is withdrawn from the banks and ATMs.

Several business chambers recently stated that they were worried that criminal elements appeared to have inside information about funds being withdrawn from banks.

But in a media release yesterday, BIGWU’s Republic Bank Limited (RBL) branch president Aneil Seerattan said the union is very concerned about allegations, especially the ones circulating on social media about bank employees.

He said this could serve to destroy the hard-earned reputation of trustworthy bank staff.

“Bank workers are under the same economic pressure as all citizens of this country and we deliver our service with pride and integrity. Of course, bad apples do emerge from time to time but given that we are dealing with a sector that is based on trust and confidence, such isolated instances must not spoil the good reputation of thousands of honest workers,” Seerattan said.

Head of the Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ramon Gregorio, in a GML report, said that it was alarming that the criminals seemed to know the movements of customers and it was only fair to deduce that there could be some sort of collusion between the banking officials and the criminal elements.

On Wednesday, BATT announced that it would be finalising a partnership with Crime Stoppers and the Police Service to fight back against criminals who have been robbing customers after they withdraw cash at ATMs and banks in the country.