Anushka Singh has been revealed as the top performer in the 2022 SEA

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Anushka Singh has been revealed as the top performer in the 2022 SEA

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that Anushka Singh was the top performer in the 2022 Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examinations.

The information was revealed after the child’s mother filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The former student of Gandhi Memorial Vedic School, who now attends her first choice of St Augustine Girls, topped the country with a score of 274.37.

The ministry did not reveal the list of top performers in 2022 following a mix-up in the 2020 results, which saw the parents of two pupils threaten the ministry with legal action over the awarding of the President’s Medal (Gold).

That matter was eventually settled and the ministry awarded both pupils – Ameerah Beekhoo and Aaron Subero.

Following the incident, Education Minister Nyan Gadsby-Dolly said the ministry would no longer publicise the list of top performers. She said the practice was meant to inspire children to achieve success but had resulted in unhealthy competitiveness and pressure being placed on pupils.

Anushka’s mother Nadia Singh, in an Express interview, said she requested her daughter’s ranking after being told that the child had the highest score in her school and the St George East education district.

Singh also said she felt the ministry should reconsider its decision to no longer announce the top performers.
She said recognising the top pupils also inspires other children.

A letter from the ministry to Singh stated that the ranking was being provided “after due and careful consideration of all the issues involved, and having sought legal advice”.

Singh said she was happy and proud of her daughter.
Anushka said she felt happy and proud to know that her hard work had earned her the top spot.