Alexander: Gov’t has no choice but to regulate PH taxis as they are integral to system

Alexander: Gov’t has no choice but to regulate PH taxis as they are integral to system

Head of the Citizens Union of TT Phillip Alexander said it was conflicting that Minister of Works and Transport said the PH system was illegal but yet law enforcement officers travel in PH taxis to get to work.

Sinanan recently indicated that there was the possibility of having the PH taxi system regulated.
But, in a statement on Tuesday, Alexander said, “The reality is we have more PH than H now, and instead of talking foolishness, the government needs to put things in place to register drivers and cars, and regulate the system so as to protect the traveling public.”

He said, “All the illegal talk is nonsense to distract from the fact that past and present governments have buried their heads in the sand and abdicated their responsibility to safeguard citizens and put effective public transportation systems in place.

“Regardless of how we feel about it the PH taxis are now an integral part of that system, and the government has no choice now but to regulate and manage it.”


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    C L R Chase 4 weeks

    Notice nothing being done to regulate these guys “PH” drivers. Since Andreas murder approx 4 women have been raped/attemped rape, but these were older and Afro-Trinis so our women don`t matter. They were not young easy on the eyes Indo-Trini( not racist but giving you the facts)women . Notice Ashanti Riley young girl raped and murdered only immediate family and parts of the Afro Trini community reacts but also notice it did not gain any traction because we are not the dominant voices in the business and media community and most of the Indo business are Pro UNC. The UNC hardly a peep; not in our constituency/ she doesn`t look us so nothing to see here moving along when it came to Ashanti Riley murder.If people believe that Trini is not a racist country, well you are just gullible fools “eat another Doubles and shut-up”. The CoP can make this a priority by collecting info on these PH drivers and having a data base for the TTPS. If these drivers object then definitely you shouldn`t be working and be on the police radar.

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