Agard apologises for TSTT’s handling of cyber attack

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Agard apologises for TSTT’s handling of cyber attack

The Chief Executive Officer of the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) has apologised to all TSTT customers.

Lisa Agard, speaking during a virtual investor presentation, expressed regret for the way the company handled its communication following their recent cyberattack.

She said: “In our haste to address the cyber problem there were some things that we could have done better. We were so busily focused on identifying the problem, containing it and restoring full capability to serve our customers that we neglected perhaps to communicate effectively with them.”

“This was not done with malice but rather from a place of ensuring that the most accurate information was communicated at the time it became known,” she said.

Agard said in hindsight TSTT should have ensured “we kept our valued customers better informed and educated about the situation.”

She said so far TSTT has identified two possible hypotheses for the cause of the cyberattack, but the company is awaiting the completion of an investigation to confirm the situation.

“Let me take this opportunity to apologise to our customers that their data was stolen by cyber criminals,” she said.

Agard said TSTT has not been the only victim of cyber-attacks in the country and that since last year there have been 55 known attacks reported.