25 fined for failing to wear seatbelt – 1 arrested for DUI

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25 fined for failing to wear seatbelt – 1 arrested for DUI

The Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch is urging motorists to always practice road safety and best practices while on the nation’s roadways.

The warning comes as 25 persons were issued tickets and fined for failing to wear seatbelts in the last 24 hours in La Brea, Penal, and Maraval.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, Wayne Mystar, said contrary to the school of thought that traffic exercises are about penalising law-abiding citizens, especially during these trying times, they are often geared towards reducing road carnage by encouraging road safety compliance.

In this regard, Snr Supt Mystar is also reminding motorists to regularly check their vehicle for defective fittings as 11 persons were fined for these infractions.

During the exercise in the South-Western Division, several sobriety tests were conducted and a 45-year-old labourer of Gopie Trace, Penal was arrested for driving under the influence. He is expected to be charged soon.

Snr Supt Mystar encourages motorists to do their part by alerting the police if they see anyone driving erratically or behaving suspiciously while on the nation’s roadways.

He said, “As we strive to better police the nation’s roadways by detecting and reducing crime, citizens should call the police hotlines or their nearest police station, giving the vehicle number, make and the direction it is heading. We will do the rest. Remember, if you see something, say something.”