Vietnamese man jailed for 5 years for spreading COVIDPicture courtesy Getty Images/AFP

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Vietnamese man jailed for 5 years for spreading COVID

 A man in Vietnam has been sentenced to 5 year in jail for ignoring Covid-19 rules and spreading the virus.

Le Van Tri was found guilty of “transmitting dangerous infectious diseases” to eight people, one of whom eventually died.

During his one-day long trial, it emerged that Tri, 28, had reportedly travelled by motorcycle from Ho Chi Minh City to his home province Ca Mau in the south of the country.

Anyone travelling from other provinces into Ca Mau were obliged to immediately isolate themselves for 21 days.

However, Tri reportedly lied about his travel history on a health declaration form in order to avoid having to comply with the isolation rules.

Tri later tested positive for Covid, and contact trqacing revealed that he transmitted the virus to members of his family as well as staff at a welfare centre which he visited.

A surge in cases which began in June means Vietnam has seen more than 530,000 cases with more than 13,300 deaths.

Many of those cases have been found in Ho Chi Minh City.