Vandals responsible for POS flooding

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Vandals responsible for POS flooding

Vandals are partly to blame for the consistent flooding witnessed in downtown Port of Spain this week.

So says Works Minister Rohan Sinanan as he commented on the flash floods seen in the city this week.

This morning, the Eastern Main Road, between Abbatoir Road and City Gate was left submerged for the third time this week.

The flood waters caused a massive traffic pile-up on each occasion.

Motorists even found themselves marooned or stuck in mud as they attempted to find a way around the flood waters.

Works Minister Rohan Sinanan explained to News Power now that there are several issues contributing to the flash floods in the capital city including recent acts of vandalism.

Minister Sinanan added that the Port of Spain Mayor, Joel Martinez has also promised to address the drainage issue under the Port of Spain market which he believes contributes to the problem.

Sinanan noted that repair work to the pumps will cost the state more than 2 million dollars to replace.