UNC taking TSTT to court over private security for acting CEO

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UNC taking TSTT to court over private security for acting CEO

Princes Town MP Barry Padarath said the Opposition intends to go to court to determine the level of security which TSTT’s acting CEO uses.

This after the company refused to reveal the information.

Speaking during the UNC’s meeting in Princes Town on Monday evening Padarath said that after he spoke about TSTT spending $49,000 monthly for private security for the acting CEO, he filed a Freedom of Information request seeking the level of security the official was receiving. He said that was because the UNC was reliably informed that the CEO’s wife and children were also being provided with armed security.

He added, “But when I asked the level of security, they responded and told me to ‘take them to court’ as they believe they shouldn’t be sharing such sensitive information—$49,000 of taxpayers’ money a month to guard a man, he wife, his children, yet there’s no toilet paper in Princes Town Police Station.”

He said TSTT told him he could exercise his right for judicial review, “So we’re taking you to court.”

Padarath also claimed there was a Cabinet note to hire nine senior managers at WASA to “take the blows” when higher water rates are imposed. He claimed there was a plan to remove thousands of workers including two who are former PNM candidates from 2020.