UNC Concerned About Impact Of Recent Tobago Oil Spill

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UNC Concerned About Impact Of Recent Tobago Oil Spill

The Opposition UNC claims the recent oil spill off the coast of Tobago, has created potential long-term environmental effects for both the maritime and tourism industries in Tobago.

It says questions have been raised about the methods employed for clean-up and whether adequate testing has been conducted to identify the spill’s contents and assess its ecological impact.

UNC claims the fishing industry, a cornerstone of Tobago’s economy, is facing severe repercussions, is questioning the safety of consuming fish from affected areas and is urging authorities to provide immediate and clear information to safeguard public health.

The political party explains fishermen and their families depend on the sea for their livelihoods and we need assurance the seafood from these waters is safe for consumption and appropriate measures are in place to protect our communities.

Government is also being called upon to provide clarity on the duration and cost of the clean-up, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

It is also urging the government must outline a comprehensive plan, ensuring accountability and efficiency in the clean-up efforts to reassure the residents of Tobago and the population at large that they are managing this crisis responsibly.