TTUTA sees MoE meeting invitation as “disrespectful”


TTUTA sees MoE meeting invitation as “disrespectful”

TTUTA (Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association) lead by President, Antonia De Freitas, called the last minute meeting invitation by Ministry of Education disrespectful. Also adding fuel to the fire, is the dissemination of a fifty-one (51) page draft policy document that the organisation said was received by them on Friday evening to review and prepare for the meeting today.

Click link for the press conference held earlier on today: TTUTA Press Conference

Joining TTUTA in their stance is NAPSPA – National Primary School Principal Association

NAPSPA statement:

The National Primary Schools Principals’ Association (NAPSPA) would like to state that the executive has taken a decision not to attend today’s meeting with Stakeholders in education and the Ministry of Education. The invitation for this meeting was sent directly to the NAPSPA President, Ms. Carlene Hayes, on Thursday 8th July 2021. However, the Draft Reopening Guidelines document consisting of fifty-one pages was sent on Friday 9th July 2021 at 5:52 p.m. for Ms. Hayes to review before this meeting. Ms. Hayes notes with concern that NAPSPA was afford one invitee to this meeting, but at least three executive members should be invited as well for proper representation.

NAPSPA believes that proper consultation with its members, could not have been possibly done within this timeframe for the President to contribute significantly at this meeting. It is interesting to note that the Ministrynof Education, did not give adequate time for our principals, to review and make suggestions in all eight education districts that we represent. NAPSPA also stands in one voice, with our union, Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) that the Ministry of Education has treated stakeholders with gross disrespect by not giving ample time for consultation with the membership of relevant associations.