T&T needs an efficient mass transit system says AMCHAM TT

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T&T needs an efficient mass transit system says AMCHAM TT

Trinidad and Tobago needs an efficient mass transit system.

That’s the view of AMCHAM TT.

In a GML report, AMCHAM TT said the impact on traffic for everyone was extremely high and the hours wasted in traffic are not productive as it negatively impacts families and quality of life.

Their statement comes on the heels of a report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) that the average Trinidadian spends more than a month and year in traffic jams, the business community is calling for urgent changes.

AMCHAM TT further noted in the report: “This is impacted by safety–reality and perception. If people don’t generally feel safe, they will avoid public transportation as much as they can. So, crime also affects traffic.”

The chamber outlined that there have been many studies and solutions proposed.  

“It is our understanding that the Inter-American Development  (IDB) proposed a rapid bus system not so long ago. Ultimately, the entire infrastructure of the country needs to be upgraded. We know the Ministry of Works and Transport had been doing consultations on this last year. The goal should be to move the most people with the least number of vehicles,” the business group said.

AMCHAM TT said in addition to attempts to widen the roads and possibly implement an expanded bus system, there needs to be enforcement of the laws that lead to additional congestion.  

“The impunity of blocking the roadway in between the changing of traffic lights, driving on the shoulder and causing congestion when filtering etc, should be eliminated. Further, more efficient incident response and clearance would reduce the very significant impact that an accident has on traffic for several hours after the accident,” the group added.