Suspects detained in connection with kidnapping of Andrea Bharatt

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Suspects detained in connection with kidnapping of Andrea Bharatt

Police have detained four men for questioning, in connection with the kidnapping of 23-year-old Andrea Bharatt.

The men ages 20-30 were held just after 11 am today – following information received by police.

They were apprehended during an exercise involving officers of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and the Anti-Kidnapping Squad(AKS).
The operation was led by Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

Reports are that one man was held at a home in Petit Bourg, while three men were later held at another home in Malabar.
A GML report states that Bharatt’s personal belongings were recovered at both homes.

Bharatt, an employee at the Arima Magistrate’s Court, went missing on Friday after boarding a taxi at King Street Arima.

She was in the company of a friend, who was dropped off first in Cleaver Heights, Arima. However, Bharatt never reached her destination, which is 10 minutes away.

Her father attempted to reach her by phone, but an unknown man answered and threatened to harm her if certain monetary demands were not met.

Bharatt, however, is yet to be found.