Scarborough Secondary School to remain closed due to ongoing repairs

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Scarborough Secondary School to remain closed due to ongoing repairs

The Scarborough Secondary School will not be reopening today as scheduled.

Instead, the school will open its doors on January 9th.
However, classes are scheduled to resume for all sixth form students and teachers today at the UWI Open Campus, Signal Hill.

The Division of Education, Research and Technology said the delay in reopening is due to ongoing infrastructural works to restore the structural integrity of the school’s auditorium.

They said that following this phase of the project, minor works will continue on afternoons and weekends until the project’s completion.

A follow-up meeting was scheduled for January 3, at 10am at the Shaw Park Complex, to further discuss the school’s relocation. This meeting will be jointly hosted by Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, Hackett and all stakeholders relevant to this project.

The division said it continues to place the safety and comfort of all staff and students first, while renewing its commitment to maintaining this current facility until a new school is delivered.

TTUTA Tobago officer Bradon Roberts has called for a contingency plan in case the work is not completed by January 9th.
He said in an interview with the the Newsday that it was “extremely unfortunate” that the school is back in this situation.

Last September, the school had to remain closed because of incomplete works.

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine is expected to convene a meeting today to advance conversations about the school’s relocation