Lee assures UNC will continue defending TT’s democracy

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Lee assures UNC will continue defending TT’s democracy

Opposition Chief Whip, David Lee, Chief Whip has given the assurance that the United National Congress will continue to defend TT’s democracy in 2023 as it did in 2022.

In a release on Monday, he said the Leader of the Opposition, while delivering Christmas greetings on behalf of the Opposition Members of Parliament, made a powerful clarion call for the government to do more to help those in need this Christmas given the severe hardship facing our nation.

It was a stark reminder and representation of the Opposition’s continued role in our Parliament to be a voice for justice, equity, and the betterment of our citizens, he said.

He added, “As we begin 2023, we in the Opposition do so with a commitment that as we did in 2022, we will continue to defend the democracy of our nation, fight to uphold the constitution and more so, demand development for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Lee said, the Opposition in 2022 placed the issues which affected our citizens the most at the front burner of our Parliamentary business through the few tools afforded to us such as Private Members Day, Parliamentary Questions as well as Motions.

With the murder rate crossing 600 in 2022, he stated that as a responsible Opposition, we brought two Private motions on National Security calling for increased safety and security of our citizens in the last 12 months. As reports of crimes against children as well as hindrances in our education system increased in the last year, the Opposition brought Private motions demanding equitable access to education for all as well as the implementation of policies to protect vulnerable children.

Lee further stated, “In early December the Central Bank confirmed that food inflation had risen to 11.6 percent, yet the Opposition warned the government of such dangers in our Private Motion on Food Security since April 2022. The past few weeks businesses have reported grim Christmas sales, reflective of an economy that is stagnated without growth, absent of access to forex and jobs. The Opposition highlighted these grave repercussions as a result of this Government’s failed economics in both the budget and our Private motion on the economy. With thousands being catastrophically affected by flooding it was the Opposition who on more than one occasion stood to demand urgent assistance and alleviation.”

The Pointe-a-Pierre MP said: “Led by Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar, the Opposition has stood courageously in and out of the Parliament to defend the best interest of our nation within the last year even when some chastised us, only to realize we were right. It was the Leader of the Opposition who first highlighted Nelson Gate in 2021. It was the Leader of the Opposition who first raised the draconian contravention of the constitution which led to the interference with the Police merit list by top Cabinet officials. It was the Opposition Leader who fought to ensure there was a proper investigative team into the Paria catastrophe which led to the eventual appointment of the Commission of Enquiry.
There is no doubt that our citizens deserved much better than the leadership they received from those in the cabinet and government but can find comfort that the Opposition has and will continue to stand up for them.

“At times we have been ambushed by the Government but never deterred because we have been driven by the need to be a constant voice, a continued advocate, and a persistent fighter for the way of life of our citizens within the Parliament.

He said the only way out of the hasty descent into a “failed nation-state” is for citizens, civil society, chambers of commerce, and all interested in a better nation to hold those in power accountable as we in the Opposition have done.”