Rihanna’s musical comeback to include 2 new albums and world tour

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Rihanna’s musical comeback to include 2 new albums and world tour

Rihanna is reportedly planning to return to music with the release of two new albums and a sprawling world tour.

According to The Daily Mirror, the Grammy Award-winning musician has new material ready to go for her loyal fans, and the tour is slated to take place in 2024 and 2025.

The British tabloid reports that the mother of two recently signed a deal with Live Nation worth a reported £32M [almost $38.9M].

“Rihanna is quietly planning a comeback tour after signing with Live Nation,” an insider said. “The deal was created to facilitate a world tour and her creative team is quietly at work in Los Angeles putting it all together as she raises her family.

“She’ll press play on the live show once she’s ready to go back to work and has two albums’ worth of material to release once she’s back.”

Although the Bajan beauty and former Super Bowl headliner hasn’t dropped a new album since 2016’s ANTI, she continues to break records. In June, Rihanna became the first female artist to have 10 songs reach a billion streams each on Spotify.

In response, RiRi took to Instagram to celebrate. “Bad Gal billi …wit no new album…lemme talk my shit,” she wrote.

Nicki Minaj, a fan and longtime friend of the singer, chimed in with some bars of her own in the comments section.

“Not bad gal billi poppin shit like a wheelie/ I mean Poppin like a pilly/ Like really/ Man down cuz she making a Killy!!!/ SILLY!/ Bout to be pushin out a new kid like Gillie/ Caribbean girls run it & AWWLLL these btches know da dill.”

The Queens rapper added “Okay bars” and the hashtag, “babydaddytellmeIGOTprettyeyes.”

Additionally, Rihanna hinted at a new album back in February, saying that it’d be “ridiculous” if the new project didn’t arrive this year.

That comment appeared in a massive interview with British Vogue, where the Fenty mogul also reflected on motherhood.

“Oh my God, it’s legendary,” she said of her first nine months as a mother. “It’s everything. You really don’t remember life before, that’s the craziest thing ever.

“You literally try to remember it – and there are photos of my life before – but the feeling, the desires, the things that you enjoy, everything, you just don’t identify with it because you don’t even allow yourself mentally to get that far because … because it doesn’t matter.”