PCA sees increase in police complaints

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PCA sees increase in police complaints

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA), has been receiving an increasing number of complaints against police officers.

This was revealed by PCA director, David West.

West, during a virtual event on Thursday, stated that “The number of complaints to the authority has increased quite a lot.”

Despite the increase number of cases, West said they have taken on three new investigators “who I am very proud of and who will train with our other investigators, and we will hopefully be able to bring down the cases and work in a more efficient manner.”

A GML report stated that approximately 229 complaints have been filed for the year thus far.

Meanwhile, West said he was happy with the news that 1,000 additional body cameras will be given to the TTPS, as he added this will assist the PCA with their investigations.

“I hope they use that. The importance of the body cams is that it is a reflection of what happens in real-time so if the police put on the body cam, they have a justification if a complaint is made, and this helps prove ‘X’ or ‘Y’ or whatever claim is made against them,” he said.

West advised citizens to ensure that they capture enough evidence during all police exercises.

He said: “You are allowed to video the police once you are not disrupting the officers while they are executing their duty.”