Public Utilities Minister says he doesn’t have the power to fire TSTT CEO

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Public Utilities Minister says he doesn’t have the power to fire TSTT CEO

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales said he does not have the authority to fire anyone, in the wake of the cyber breach at TSTT, including CEO Lisa Agard.

In the midst of calls for heads to roll, Gonzales said: “That is not my call. That is not my responsibility. I expect the board to do what it has to do to ensure that it manages, in this very turbulent time in the organisation, and they do what they must to ensure that there is an independent investigation in the matter and that that investigation is not interfered with by any operatives inside of TSTT.”

“I have given the board, through the chairman, firm instructions to ensure that whatever has to be done to ensure a firm, fair, thorough, independent investigation into this matter, in the public’s interest, that their responsibility is to ensure that happens … I feel a sense of comfort that based on what was revealed to me, that the effort they are making to ensure that fair investigation goes on unimpeded.”

Gonzales, in a GML report, said the independent investigation into the matter will include the communications which took place when he first inquired about the leak and was told there was none.

Communication Workers’ Union boss Clyde Elder has called for Agard and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Shiva Ramnarine to be fired before the start of any probe, saying he fears they may interfere with the exercise.