PSA faction demands union accept CPO’s 4% offer

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PSA faction demands union accept CPO’s 4% offer

A small portion of the membership of the Public Services Association (PSA) is calling on its president Leroy Baptiste to accept the Government’s four per cent wage offer.

The faction of about 20 workers, includes some from the union’s general council.

The group staged a protest outside the PSA head office in Port-of-Spain on Friday, demanding that the colleagues settle for the Government’s offer.

Last month, Baptiste agreed to seek advice from Senior Counsel Douglas Mendes for a judicial review of the Special Tribunal’s decision to impose a ten-year settlement on the PSA.

In a media release, the union leader stated that the decision to challenge the ruling came after a general council vote.

However, opposing the union leader’s decision, former PSA general secretary Oral Saunders stated, “During the special general council meeting on June 22, myself and comrade Jude participated virtually.

Saunders said: “Other unions have accepted the four per cent wage offer and, to make matters worse, President Leroy Baptiste was adamant about seeking a judicial review.”

He added, members have been contacting them non-stop to express their dissatisfaction with this course of action.

“They are not happy with the four per cent offer, but considering the current circumstances, they believe it is better to accept the four per cent like the other unions and continue fighting for the collective period of 2020-2022.”