Prosecutor drops the ball … group on Covid charge freed

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Prosecutor drops the ball … group on Covid charge freed

History was made today as the largest group of persons was freed, after having been charged for breach of this country’s Covid-19 Regulations.

In May 2021, a group of twenty six persons had been arrested and subsequently charged for being at a private party in Valsayn, allegedly in breach of the Covid-19 Regulations, for exceeding the number of persons who could be at such a gathering.

They appeared in Court today before Senior Magistrate Wendy Dougdeen-Bally in the Tunapuna Magistrates Court and the Complainant PC Lezama was also present.

Attorney MARTIN GEORGE appeared on behalf of the Defence and made Submissions to the Court that the matters against all twenty six Defendants ought to be dismissed.

Mr. George pointed out that since last Friday, 18th November 2022 when he appeared in the matter, the Prosecution indicated they could not locate the file.
Mr. George pointed out to the Court that the Prosecution could not ever be in a position to proceed as they had no file in the matter to proceed with.

Most importantly, In fact, the prosecutor present in the Court, who was just standing in for the regular prosecutor, said quite candidly to the Court that all he had was a “a pile, not a file”, as he indicated that all he got was just a pile of papers, not a file.

In the circumstances, Magistrate Dougdeen-Bally then dismissed the charges against all twenty six Defendants due to the unreadiness of the Prosecution and they were all freed and discharged.