Prison officers should be given guns says Association President

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Prison officers should be given guns says Association President

Head of the Prison Officer’s Association, Cerron Richards, maintains that prison officers should be given a gun to carry on their person while off duty.

His comments come after debate on the Firearms Amendment Bill yesterday raised the issue of threats against prisons officers in the country.

During the debate, National Security Minister, Fitzgerald Hinds, raised concern over threats against prison officers from inmates and noted the limited protection offered to prison officers under the Prisons Act.

Mr Richards endorsed the Minister’s concerns while speaking with Power 102 Digital’s Power Breakfast Show this morning.

He explained that officers receive threats on a daily basis as prisoners channel all their hate towards prison officers.

However both opposition and Independent Senators yesterday raised concern with prison officers being allowed to carry firearms home.

They cited the need for stringent oversight and preventative measures to reduce the possibility of unwanted actions.

Mr Richards agreed as he acknowledged that a comprehensive approach must be taken to oversee the process and ensure that it is not abused or misused by prison officers.