Police kill 2 men, arrest 1 in Morvant

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Police kill 2 men, arrest 1 in Morvant

Two men were killed by police during an exercise in Morvant on Friday.

They deceased have been identified as Kwasi Williams, 23, and Allasafe “Saffie” Huggins, 26.

Around 4.30 am, officers assigned to the Multi-Operational Police Section (MOPS) executed three search warrants at homes in Second Caledonia and Second Caledonia Extension, Morvant.

However, during the exercise, police said two men confronted them in separate incidents and started shooting at them.

The officers returned fire, killing both men at their respective scenes.

A third man was arrested for possession of ammunition.

Huggins was killed at his Second Caledonia Home, while Williams was shot dead at Second Caledonia Extension.