Opposition MP’s demand date for LGE today

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Opposition MP’s demand date for LGE today

Chaguanas West MP, Dinesh Rambally and Senator Jayanti Lutchmedial said a swift indication of the local government election’s date was essential to the country’s functionality.

Speaking at a UNC press conference this morning, both again demanded that a date be set for local government elections.

Rambally also accused the PNM Government of acting above the law by ignoring the ruling handed down the Privy Council which found that government was wrong to postpone local government elections.

“Since last Thursday the onus was on the Prime Minister to call the date for the local government elections so that this matter could be rectified.

“The Prime Minister has instead deemed his golf game to be more important than the Privy Council ruling and indeed the people of Trinidad and Tobago including the thousands of local government officials,” Rambally said.

He further accused the government of wanting to “break the people of Trinidad and Tobago” as well as their rights and freedoms.

Lutchmedial added that the PNM continues to engage in wilful acts which are not beneficial for citizens or the country.

“We have a Cabinet that is uncurbed by law and we, the citizens are curbed by their tyranny because we are being deprived of our rights….the Privy Council said the right to vote in is just as important as the right to vote out,” she added.

Lutchmedial also accused the government of interpreting the law “in a retrospective manner” by change it to suit its needs via the postponement of the elections but this was struck down by the British Law Lords.

She further insisted that government remains flawed in its interpretation of the law, saying that the UNC will accept noting less than the announcement of an election date.

Lutchmedial referred to the delay as “a slap in the face of the population.”