Only 407 cheques paid out to flood victims

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Only 407 cheques paid out to flood victims

The number of people who have received their cheques for financial assistance, following last November’s flooding is less than ten percent.

As of yesterday (January 17), 407 cheques had been printed to the value of $2,996,500, with 374 more cheques validated but awaiting final approval.

Minister of Social Development and Family Services Donna Cox said: “Some of the disaster assessment forms were missing information such as ID card details, contact information, where the wrong phone number was given, proper address, household member information and evidence of the disaster.”

On January 5, the Minister said up to 1,000 of the forms were either incomplete or needed to be queried.

Cox advised, “In completing the form, ensure proper spelling of first and last name, ensure that both front and back of ID card are clearly copied and visible and the ID card number on the form is correct. Provide the complete address for the residential property where the disaster happened not just the area. Ensure that the phone number is correct and provide an alternative contact number just in case. Provide the full and correct names of the other members of the household. Ensure that any pictures of the damages are clear. Please cooperate with the Ministry’s officers when they make contact during the validation phase.”