Off-duty cop fights off bandit during attempted robbery

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Off-duty cop fights off bandit during attempted robbery

Barataria police are searching for the brazen bandit who attempted to rob an off-duty policeman while he drove in the Barataria area on Thursday night.

The officer, who is assigned to Riverside Plaza, Port of Spain, was driving his blue Toyota Raze, on Sixth Avenue, Barataria, around 8.30 pm when he slowed down to go over a speed bump.

Suddenly, a man who was standing at the side of the road opened the left back door, jumped in and then proceeded to point a gun demanding money.

The officer told police he grabbed onto the gun and fought with the bandit as he continued to drive.

As they approached the Barataria Recreation Grounds, the bandit jumped out of the car and shot at the officer before running into a red Nissan Almera which sped off.

The officer was not wounded in the shooting but the back glass of his car was damaged from the gunshots.

Crime Scene Investigators found eight spent 9 mm shells on the road.