Nicki Minaj announces new music and The Barbz go insane

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Nicki Minaj announces new music and The Barbz go insane

Nicki Minaj fans rejoiced when she announced the release date for her new single and the return of Queen Radio on Friday (July 22).

The diamond-selling rapper revealed Queen Radio is coming back on August 11. She also informed fans about her song “Freaky Girl” dropping on August 12.

Nicki Minaj hyped up her upcoming single with several posts on Twitter. She referred to herself as Nick James since “Freaky Girl” samples Rick James’ “Super Freak.”

“#NickJames is coming to do what the girls SHOULD’VE done,” she wrote. “#NickJames is coming to show the girls why they should’ve just sat there & ate their foods. #NickJames is coming to show the boys how to REALLY gag the girls. Pauz #NickJames is coming to restore hope in mankind.”

Nicki Minaj then teased fans with a cryptic message regarding Queen Radio.

“I’ll be choosing 10 ppl,” she wrote. “I’ll announce who you are on #QueenRadio on 8.11. No, I’m not telling HOW I’m choosing. No, I’m not telling WHY either. #FreakyGirl #NickJames 8.12. I love you. Always have. Always will.”

Loyal Barbz celebrated after Nicki Minaj shared her plans on social media.