Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice fans blast Grammys for Best Rap song blunder

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Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice fans blast Grammys for Best Rap song blunder

Fans of Nicki Minaj are calling out the Recording Academy for a mistake it made announcing her song “Barbie World” with Ice Spice and Aqua had won Best Rap Song. However, the actual winner was Killer Mike’s ‘Scientists & Engineers’ featuring Andre 3000, Future, and Eryka Allen Kane.

The Barbz are fuming at the mix-up, which many called a calculated effort to humiliate the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper, who has long made it known that she is not dealing with the Grammys and has even accused them of Blackballing her despite her more than two decades career in the game and never winning a Grammy.

Several Grammy online platforms, including Google, listed “Barbie World” as the winner, although on the show, Killer Mike was named as the winner, marking a deserved win for the rapper. “Congrats Best Rap Song winners – “Barbie World [From Barbie The Album] “ @Nickiminaj & @icespice_ featuring Aqua. #GRAMMYs,” the tweet by the Recording Academy said.

The tweet has since been deleted and replaced with the announcement that Killer Mike was the winner. Online, Nicki Minaj’s fans questioned how such a mistake could be made, and the mistake was broadcast everywhere.

“Hate her or love her .. Nicki ain’t never lied bout how the industry treats her. They play in that lady face all day,” one fan commented on Instagram.

“Killer Mike definitely had the best rap song let’s not be delusional. They definitely played in her face, but let’s call a spade a spade,” another wrote. “The Grammy website has/had it too, when you [do] clownery – the clown comes back to bite,” another said.

Another fan added, “When Nicki speaks up, I dont wanna hear sht! This lady acts the way she does bc she has BEEN being mistreated as a black woman in her work place. But because she embraces the bad guy role, yall clown her. Stan and fan sht aside, this needs to be talked about.”

All Nicki Minaj fan sh*t ASIDE…. Fan or no fan, y’all really gotta peep what she be talking about. TO NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE LIKE THIS BEFORE but pull something like this when it comes to Nicki? This was a calculated attempt to embarrass her, and this be what she’s talking about,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

In the meantime, City Girls rapper JT also shared support for the rapper amid the drama.

“I salute nicki Minaj for not tapping out & still dropping music knowing it’s so many odds against her! It’s big money to end Nicki but it’s a BIGGER God! Keep being you! Your legacy will never be undone!!!! @NICKIMINAJ I love you,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Recording Academy has not addressed the incident.