Figueira: Hinds promises in Parliament political fluff

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Figueira: Hinds promises in Parliament political fluff

Nothing but fluff and a smoke screen for political mileage!

That’s how Criminologist Darius Figueira describes promises made by the National Security Minister to combat transnational crime.

He says that crime has been heavily politicised and this will exacerbate the concerning crime situation in the T&T.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning he said that while it is necessary to have a maritime agreement more needs to be done.

He said in order to get a strong grip on crime the politics of race has to stop.

He maintained that persons have to stop voting for a political party even if they fail to deliver what they promise simply because they insist on voting along racial lines.

He said that system is not giving the public the safety it needs or demands.

However the suggestion begs another question.

If the public is being cautioned to stop voting along racial lines, but there is also the view that all political parties at present is not offering anything new that can arrest crime, what is there to be done?

Figueira said that’s the quandry that citizens now find themselves.