New political party proposes 160 new schools in four years

A new political party will be launched on September 7.

Political Leader of The Green Party Dr. Everold Hosein

The Green Party of Trinidad and Tobago, whose symbol is a large green dot, will be lead by Dr. Evorold Hosein, an alum of Presentation College in San Fernando. The party is registered with the Elections and Boundaries Commission, and one of its first priorities is the implementation of a new education system for children from infancy to pre-teen. The Green Party also proposes to construct 160 new air-conditioned schools for children between the ages of 9 months and 12 years. This, he suggests, will be completed within four years. Hosein also intends to remove homework from the curricula and remove grade-to-grade level standardised testing.

Also on the agenda for the new party is health, free internet access, crime, a national mass rapid transit system, arts and culture and quality of life including environmental issues.

The Leader of the Green Party is a Communications Advisor to the United Nations. He attained his university education at the University of Kansas and the University of Michigan. He is also a distinguished scholar at City University of New York, School of Public Health.