Moruga home gutted by fire

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Moruga home gutted by fire

Fire officials are trying to determine the cause of a fire, which gutted a house in St Mary’s Village in Moruga on Monday night.

The police said the wooden three bedroom home near Gomez Trace was unoccupied at the time and partially furnished.

Residents saw smoke and contacted relatives of the deceased owners. Within minutes the entire structure was destroyed.

One of the relatives, Beekram Lal, said the home belonged to his deceased parents and was left for him and his three other siblings, but they did not reside there. He however, stayed there temporarily.

He said he received a call from a neighbour informing him that the house was on fire.

“When I returned, firefighters had already arrived, but it was too late to save the house,” he said.

He said, “The house was very dilapidated. It was mostly board with some concrete.”

St Mary’s police are investigating.