Listen as Paria witness breaks down during testimony at CoE!

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Listen as Paria witness breaks down during testimony at CoE!

Emotions ran high today as the Commission of Enquiry probing the Paria diving tragedy continued at Tower D of the International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain.

Paria’s decisions and subsequent actions on February 25th were brought into question during the proceedings this morning and tensions ran high.

During questioning Paria’s Acting Technical Lead Catherine Balkissoon was asked about Paria’s decision not to have anyone go into the pipes to rescue the men who were stuck there.

She said that it was a balancing act as the Company would have had to weigh all the facts surrounding the situation.

Seemingly incensed with the comment Chairman of the Commissioner of Enquiry Jerome Lynch questioned whether it would have been the same balancing act had it been a relative stuck in the pipes.

This resulted in Ms Balkissoon breaking down in tears.

Senior counsel Gilbert Peterson, who is representing Paria Fuel Trading Company and Heritage Petroleum, in the Enquiry then indicated his objection to the texture of the comment by Mr Lynch.

Mr Lynch then apologised for upsetting the witness however he explained the reason for his comment.