Lee wants gov’t to explain why quarrying has restarted at Belle Vue Disaster Zone

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Lee wants gov’t to explain why quarrying has restarted at Belle Vue Disaster Zone

MP for Pointe-a-Pierre, David Lee, on behalf of Belle Vue residents, is calling on government to explain why the Coco Sandpit Quarry(Claxton Bay) has been restarted, placing homes at further risk of destruction.

In a release on Saturday, Lee said that Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat as well as EMBD officials must immediately tell affected residents why quarrying has restarted at the Belle Vue Disaster Zone in Pointe a Pierre, a mere month after a family lost their entire home with others facing the same fate.

He said: “On Thursday I witnessed a worrying first-hand account of residents’ homes slipping away yet again due to the EMBD- sanctioned resumption of activities at the Coco Road quarry. Minister Rambharat must tell residents and the national population why despite his commitments in the Senate that all operations at the Quarry would be halted pending an investigation by the EMBD, inclusive of a geotechnical expert, quarrying has now resumed.”

Lee added, “To this day, not a single resident, nor myself has been briefed on the findings of any report.”
“The contempt and disregard shown by the EMBD to residents are unacceptable as not only have they failed to consult with these residents on the resumption of activities but officials such as the acting CEO of the EMBD have been callous to the pleas of residents who are seeking their intervention on this latest occurrence.”

He further stated, “As the Member of Parliament, I reject the public statement by the EMBD that the Quarry was reopened after “due diligence”. This catastrophe warrants a full-fledged investigation while the EMBD’s due diligence seems to be simply useless given that residents continue to face the same horrors as before.”

Lee said “These families have been totally disregarded throughout this crisis as up to this very day no Housing accommodation or relief has been provided to them.”
“Since the Minister of Social Development’s visit and commitments of accommodation assistance for the residents on September 19th 2021, nothing has materialised to help these families.

Lee is now calling on the government to stick to their promises and help these families immediately.