Labour Ministry And IADB Discuss Technical Cooperation

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Labour Ministry And IADB Discuss Technical Cooperation

The potential for further technical cooperation and collaboration between the Ministry of Labour and the Inter- American Development Bank is discussed during a recent meeting held between Minister Stephen Mc Clashie and Head of the Inter- American Development Bank Country Office,Carina Cockburn and her Team.

This meeting was held at the Ministry’s Head Office and discussions covered the IDB’s ongoing “Skills for Technological Change in Trinidad and Tobago Project” and ways in which the MOL could benefit.

The objective of this Project is to strengthen and systematize activities that are being undertaken to identify skills needs in Trinidad and Tobago and to design a ‘talent pipeline’ that closes skills gaps in strategic and priority sectors.

It seeks to complement and support the country’s existing efforts in this area.

Further collaborative efforts were also discussed on how the IDB could assist the Ministry of Labour in its mandate of facilitating employment by strengthening and aligning certain Divisions and Units within the Ministry, such as the National Employment Service, the On-the-Job Training Programme and the Labour Market Information Unit.