Kamla doubles down and says she won’t apologise for “light them up” statements

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Kamla doubles down and says she won’t apologise for “light them up” statements

Kamla Persad-Bissessar has no intention of apologising for her “light them up” comments.

Speaking on Thursday night at the United National Congress’ Palms’ Club, San Fernando meeting, she bore down on her previous words, saying: “I’ll tell you in Trinibad music language, you have to load up the ‘matic (automatic), pull it back, and knock it on them, and then knock it again when the criminals coming through your door!”  

Taking note of the criticism, Persad-Bissessar aired a voice note of a woman calling desperately for help during an Aranguez home invasion. Persad-Bissessar said, “That could be your wife, daughter, mother, or you. What would you do when they invade your home and rape and rob—what should you do, Rowley? Empty the clip! Empty the clip, then reload, reload!!”

The Opposition Leader asked, “What kind of country is it when the Prime Minister is defending the protection of criminals, what about defending victims of home invasions and crime?”

She said the law was vague on the situation and needs to be clarified, “That’s why we say change the law to stand your ground law. That’ll make it clear who to charge,” she said.

She said if people “Green, purple, brown invaded your home, light them up! They could have no good intention if they invade your home!”

Persad-Bissessar added, “I want to make one thing very clear concerning my comments to light up the criminals who invade your homes. I apologise to ABSOLUTELY NO ONE for saying to ‘light up’ criminals invading homes, killing mercilessly, and forcing you to live in fear.

“After the UNC wins the next election you’ll have the right to stand your ground. After the UNC wins the next general election, you’ll have easier access to licenced firearms.”

She added: “They didn’t like me saying ‘draw your licenced firearm and light them up, empty the clip.’ So, I wouldn’t say that, I’ll tell you in Trinibad language tolet you know I do listen to them–You have to load up the ‘matic (automatic); load up this ‘matic, pull it back, knock it on them, and then knock it again when the criminals come through the door. You have to load up the ‘matic … then knock it, knock it again—knock it on dem again and again!

“I’m standing my ground for the ordinary citizens, we’re willing to give you the right to return fire against criminals who are killing, robbing, and raping innocent people.”

“The newspaper says I’m reckless for standing up for you, they’re entitled to their opinions, but aren’t I also entitled to my opinions? I prefer to be reckless than feckless … criminals’ rights should cease when they enter and invade your homes!”

“On August 14 light up this wicked Government!” she added, promising that a UNC government’s first legislation to Parliament would be the stand your ground law.