Indarsingh: T&T in distress but UNC stands ready to do right by workers

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Indarsingh: T&T in distress but UNC stands ready to do right by workers

Opposition MP, Rudy Indarsingh said workers are under intense attack by criminal elements, supported by a criminally minded government.

In a message to workers on May Day, Indarsingh said: As violent crime, soaring food costs, swelling transportation costs, deteriorating labour relations, and unprecedented hardship hit the people of Trinidad and Tobago under this administration, the United National Congress stands ready to rescue Trinidad and Tobago out of the deepening pit dug by the snakes of the PNM balisier.

Indarsingh pointed out that last week, a safety officer was held at gunpoint on the compound of the Belmont Secondary School while classes were in session. In Couva, a security watchman was found murdered on his job site and teachers across the nation were held to ransom with their students as bomb threats were made against several schools during exam areas.

He said: “This Government attacked the collective bargaining process on several occasions, the latest of which saw negotiations with majority unions representing the protective services be prematurely referred to the Special Tribunal of the Industrial Court, when such negotiations were at an early stage. The National Tripartite Advisory Council, created by this Government, collapsed not once, but twice under the PNM.

“Fire officers are unable to effectively respond to fires because of the lack of fire tenders, ladders, and other critical resources. Lifeguards continue to lament a marked lack of resources, and prison officers continue to express urgent concern for the conditions existing within prisons and safety of prison officers on and off duty. Prison officers have been the subject of hits under this administration.”

Indarsingh added: Over 135,000 workers have been put on the breadline in the last 8 years by this wicked, ‘wutless’, heartless, self-absorbed, elitist, pro-1%, anti-worker, irresponsible administration. Our recent history has been characterised by mass layoffs from Petrotrin, UWI, UTT, TTHTI, TSTT, Hilton and other state agencies.

According to the MP, private sector agencies continue to suffer, as closures, mass layoffs and dwindling national revenue characterise the local economic landscape.

He said it was the UNC which created 60,000 new jobs, settled 136 wage negotiations, proposed a special $1million benefit for officers slain in the line of duty and removed VAT from 7,000 food items.

He said the United National Congress remains ready to stand with workers by respecting the collective bargaining process, settling outstanding wage negotiations, boosting economic growth and job creation.

Indarsingh said the UNC is rooted in the struggle of bread, freedom and justice for workers in this country, and stands ready to continue doing right by workers upon forming the next Government.

He called upon workers to not fall for the race baiting of the 1% Prime Minister and his band of merry thieves.

“The UNC has always stood for the unity of workers; oil and sugar, public sector and private sector, with the philosophies of the Indian National Congress and the African National Congress being the basis of the formation of the United National Congress.”

He said as the country cries “may day” this May Day, the UNC is once again ready to come to the rescue of workers and their families.