Heera: Arima murders prove T&T in bad state!

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Heera: Arima murders prove T&T in bad state!

National Security Expert Garvin Heera said that it’s alarming and horrific that in Trinidad and Tobago there can be an invasion of a home by an assassin and an attempt to kill an entire family.

He was at the time commenting on the Arima murders that took the lives of a ten-year-old child and three teens in one family and injured five others.

He spoke on the matter while speaking to the hosts of the Power Breakfast Show.

Lamenting on the terrible situation that T&T has now found itself, Heera wondered at what exactly would drive an order for such an execution.

He suggested that there must have been a strong need for vengeance to send such a message.

He said that message wasn’t just sent to the family but also to the country, Parliament, police service and defense force that criminals are not holding back.

While he was hard pressed as to the reason for the gruesome action, he did say that based on what was happening on the ground T&T is in a bad state.