Former Ag CoP calls on TTPS members to support Erla Christopher

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Former Ag CoP calls on TTPS members to support Erla Christopher

Former acting Police Commissioner McDonald Jacob is encouraging members of the TTPS to throw their support behind Erla Harewood-Christopher, who has topped the merit list to become this country’s new Commissioner of Police.

The debate to appoint Harewood-Christopher as the Commissioner of Police will take place in the House of Representatives tomorrow. If selected, Harewood-Christopher will become this country’s first female Police Commissioner.

Speaking on CNC3’s Morning Brew programme, Jacob said the new Police Commissioner will need all hands on deck to effectively address the crime scourge.

He said, “I am looking forward to the officers continuing giving her (Harewood-Christopher) all the necessary support in an aggressive manner because it is definitely needed.”

Jacob, who is no longer involved in active police having reached the age of retirement, said he still has a lot to offer and intends to do so by engaging in community development across the country.

As a certified mediator, he said: “We have other aspects where we can change people’s lives, where we can help people develop life skills, coping skills, to deal with young people so that we can, in fact, reduce the number of people who can be recruited by these gang members, and we can set people on the right path. That sort of work will make it so much easier for the Police Service.”

“The issue is that we look at the Police Service to do that work, but if you think about things like counselling and what it entails if you are really doing counselling, think about mediation and see what it entails. If they attempt to utilise the Police Service to do all that work, we will not have people out there to do patrols and have that presence. So, it entails the ministry, NGOs and other persons working together hand in hand and like-minded citizens who wish to assist in the development of young people and even the institution of the family. This is where I believe I can make a significant contribution.”