Farley says power sharing proposal not illegal

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Farley says power sharing proposal not illegal

Deputy Political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots, Farley Augustine said there is absolutely nothing illegal in what is being proposed.

The PDP, in a bid to find a solution to the stalemate within the THA due to the 6-6 election results, has proposed that the PNM fill the positions of Chief Secretary and Presiding Officer, while PDP members fill the positions of Deputy Chief Secretary and Finance Secretary, with all the other secretarial positions shared equally.

Augustine said “The THA Act empowers the elected 12 to begin the process of forming the Executive Council. The THA Act allows for coalitions to happen, which is simply what this proposed amalgamation will be. There is no attempt to create two executive councils but one Tobago United Executive Council.”

He said once again, the PDP will put their own political ambitions aside and put Tobago first, as the arrangement places the party in a vulnerable position.

“We stand to lose more should the PNM not honour its end of the bargain, a PNM Chief Secretary can turn around and fire all the PDP secretaries for example.”

Augustine added that the PDP is expressing good faith in people they “have little reason to express good faith in.”

However, he said the PDP is willing to take the risk and put people of Tobago first.