Death of 7-week-old baby under investigation

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Death of 7-week-old baby under investigation

Homicide detectives were called in to investigate the death of a 7-week-old baby on Sunday.

Doctors at the St. James Medical Facility called in the police after the report given to them by the baby’s mother was inconsistent with the visible injuries.

Seven-week-old Tahir Alexis, who was born on 16th April 2023, lived with his 20-year-old mother and 19-year-old father at Big Yard, Western Main Road in Carenage.

The mother reported that she woke up sometime early on Sunday morning and fed Tahir, then placed him in his playpen in her room and she went back to sleep.

Around 8 am, she said she got up and observed the baby unresponsive. She along with the baby’s father, with the assistance of a neighbour, took the baby to the St. James Medical Facility where he was subsequently declared dead.

St. James police were contacted after doctors discovered that the appearance of the baby was unusual and inconsistent with the report received from the mother who also had blood on her clothing.